Fitness Instructor Courses & Training

Physical Company is a certified Skills Active training provider and has been providing REPs accredited training courses for over eight years.

The Physical Company instructor training offering is comprised of live training, online training, DVDs and printed material covering a large range of programming on the most exciting fitness equipment around.

We have our own purpose built Training Studio to provide the very best product based education with the very best Master Trainers, including instructor training for The Human Trainer, kettlebells, medicine balls, Stroops, Trigger Point, GRAVITY on Total Gym, BOSU® and freeFORM.

Physical EX:CEL is the online education platform that gives clubs and trainers a single package to meet the on-going programming needs of investing in new equipment. The platform delivers REPs accredited foundation training and the most up-to-date CPD programming with interactive courses, with theory content, video uploads and multiple choice worksheets. There are options for online assessment or live, practical exams. Physical EX:CEL is available for individuals or in group training packages to train up a whole gym team or instructors across multiple sites. Courses are available for a wide range of equipment, including kettlebells, The Human Trainer, BOSU® and freeFORM. Packages are also available with equipment included to make purchasing and installing kit and educating instructors hassle-free.

GRAVITY Clubhouse Direct gives you all the latest programming DVDs delivered to your door four times a year. Choose your package, for group or personal training, and get all the new releases with choreography, exercise notes and marketing material to support your GRAVITY offering on the Total Gym equipment.

GRAVITY Clubhouse Live! is the programme of two-hour REPs accredited workshops for Total Gym equipment. Choose from GRAVITY Personal Training, GRAVITY Group and GRAVITY Pilates.