Titan Bag - 7.5kg

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Featuring multiple reinforced handle positions for maximum versatility, this is the ultimate multi-functional weighted bag – ideal for adding load to any exercise.

 - Non-conventional loading featuring an unstable load, allowing for a greater variety of exercises

 - Perform conventional power lifts such as cleans, snatches, high pull movements which are not possible with Bulgarian bags

 - Easy to perform functional triplanar movements, offering more challenges and a greater level of results that transfer into everyday life

 - Easy coaching with multiple reinforced colour-coded grips ideal for small group training

 - Extendable handles on each end allow the leverage of the load to be increased, which activates more synergistic, stabilising muscle fibre, perfect for performing rotational exercises such as the Halo

 - Soft shell promotes confidence when learning new movements


Further Description: 

Black with blue trim and writing


Warranty - 1 year

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