The Tyre Squared (80kg)

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£1,440.00 inc. VAT
New product

L 1050mm X W 1050mm

Taking inspiration from the popularity of tyre flipping, but with a square twist! The Tyre2 takes the typical round tyre to new levels. It still delivers immense whole body strength and power gains and also benefits from a more practical side, 4 in fact!

 - It will flip in a predictable direction, and will never bobble meaning it may be used in classes in close quarters with other clients

 - A large area in the middle of the product to allow users to carry and  lift without being restricted by the inner shoulder of the circle

 - All straps are connected to steel clasps welded to a steel box  section and built to ISO standards to ensure they will not snap off in a few years

 - Soft yet extremely tough and durable

 - 4 weights allow regressive and progressive options

Further Description: 

Black with green camo pattern

Warranty - 6 months