The RMT CLUB has arrived

Posted on: 03/03/2015 In Category RMT Club & Weighted Clubs The RMT CLUB has arrived


 The RMT® Club is a new multi-functional training tool for fitness professionals, offering endless exercise options for small group training and PT. These weighted clubs use the principles of Rotational Movement Training to improve power, range of movement, strength, co-ordination, balance and athletic movement. As well as being rotated, the clubs can be swung and slammed to offer hundreds of exercises for a full-body workout.

The evolution of training with clubs 

RMT Clubs are an evolution of Indian clubs, an ancient weapon that was first adopted by wrestlers as a training tool. During the nineteenth century, the British army, stationed in India, adapted Indian-club exercises into its military exercise drill. They were exceptionally popular during the health craze of the late Victorian era and club swinging even became an Olympic event in 1904 and 1932; however, the popularity of Indian clubs diminished due to the introduction of sports and new equipment like dumbbells. Although there has been a rediscovery of this simple implement with steel clubs being used in gyms, the RMT Club has been designed to go beyond traditional clubs so that it can be brought into the mainstream.

What differentiates the RMT Club from traditional Indian clubs?

The RMT Club has a number of features that make it far superior to traditional clubs. Its soft, flexible head is made from an ultra-durable material that allows the club to be hit against a number of hard surfaces without causing any damage. The head also has an internal shifting weight made up of steel shot that provides dynamic resistance, as well as ‘audible feedback’. The ability to hear the shifting steel is particularly beneficial when comparing movements
on each side of the body and identifying weaknesses. This allows fitness professionals to identify any weaknesses and imbalances with their client and work towards strengthening the non-dominant side of the body. The sound element also adds a dimension to controlled exercises that relies on the user keeping the sound as quiet as possible. Similarly, exercises relying on power require the user to make the sound explosive. The RMT Club has a rubber-coated handle for better grip when performing exercises. Clubs range in weight from 1kg to 3.6kg. They are light enough to be easily transported and are accessible and non-intimidating to all fitness levels, while still being heavy enough to provide an intense workout.

Why train with the RMT Club?

“The RMT Club is extremely versatile and can be used for full-body workouts, sport-specific training sessions and individual training programmes,” says Jeremy Boyd, RMT Club Master Trainer for Physical Company. “The clubs are light enough for anyone to use but are challenging because they require power and speed. When it comes to equipment which allows full-body rotational movement, the market is very limited. Rotational movement training is important because it more closely replicates the movements we make in both sport and our daily lives.” A REPs-accredited training course and in-club programming will provide fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills to use the RMT Club for small and large group training. With hundreds of exercises to choose from, fitness professionals will be able to constantly engage clients with fun and challenging options to improve strength and fitness.

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Visit us in Hall 9, Stand D12 at FIBO, from 9th - 12th April and see the RMT Club in full swing!