The Insane Bolt 1 - Heavy

I’m sorry, this product is no longer available.

The Insane Bolt 1™ allows sprinters to transition from the over speed element of sprinting into a sprint. By attaching the quick release belt to the 10-foot nylon cord, which connects to the 30 foot Slastix®, the athlete then anchors the Slastix® to a stationary object behind him/her and walks until the Slastix® is at a comfortable stretch (between 40 and 70 feet). At this point, he/she runs toward the stationary object, which causes the Slastix® to lose tension. Now, he/she can either release herself from the pull at any time (by pushing down on the 10-foot nylon cord), or allow it to release automatically once the Slastix® loses tension on the belt, allowing him/her to continue the sprint free from any external attachments. Includes one Quick Release Belt, one 10 foot nylon cord, one 30 foot Slastix® and anchor.