The Beast Battle Rope - 150lbs

I’m sorry, this product is no longer available.

Put away those heavy ropes. Bring out The Beast™! Unlike traditional ropes, which only allow a single plane of force, The Beast™ incorporates heavy resistance Slastix® that elicits muscle contractions throughout the entire body; and up to three training planes simultaneously. By incorporating other pieces of equipment with The Beast™; such as the Shoulder Harness and Power Pull Belt, its applications increase exponentially – from developing explosive sprints and rotational movements, to lateral movement training, to reverse walking, to building cardiovascular endurance. Because Slastix® bands are lightweight and encased in a protective nylon sheath; you gain not just an effective, fast, physically taxing workout, but a safe workout as well. With resistances varying from 47 to 150 pounds, the Beast™ can be used to train people of all fitness levels. Includes one 20 foot Rope.