Stroops Choose Physical Company for UK Distribution

Posted on: 12/11/2013 In Category Stroops Stroops Choose Physical Company for UK Distribution

US fitness equipment innovator, and original inventor of the covered resistance band, Stroops has agreed a deal with Physical Company for the rights to distribute its patented Slastix® resistance band products in the UK.

Slastix® are multi-purpose elastic exercise bands that add resistance to natural, athletic movements in the full range of motion, and Stroops have now created ingenious “wear while you play” training and performance tools that have literally changed the way professionals train.

The Stroops system is built around the rigorous and demanding training regimes of professional sports, and is used by top athletes and sports teams. Stroops programming teaches elite coaches and trainers how to use the resistance bands and attachments to identify weaknesses or imbalances in an athlete’s movements and thereby allowing a trainer to find areas that need to be strengthened to prevent injury and improve performance.

“Stroops’ Slastix® system was a game-changer, sparking many imitators,” says John Halls, Sales Director at Physical Company. “There are some great brands out there with very effective resistance band designs and bar attachment systems, but Stroops is the original, and best.”

The range includes:

•    Double Gun is a full body system with foot and biceps straps for four Slastix®.  Resistance is added to every move, perfect for building explosive power and speed with exercises such as print drills and plyometrics.

•    The Striker is a lower-back belt that anchors four Slastix®.  With no external body attachments the athlete can engage in any type of activity, adding resistance to speed drills, med ball throws or mixed martial arts moves.

•    The Beast™ Battle Rope is a heavy resistance Slastix® that elicits muscle contractions throughout the entire body, in up to three training planes simultaneously. Slastix® bands are lightweight and encased in a protective nylon sheath, so this is a safe and portable alternative to traditional ropes