STOTT PILATES - Strong & Healthy Back DVD - Two-Pack

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DISK 1: Standing Tall

Ideal for improving your posture. This program can help improve quality of life if you're suffering from neck tension, lower back and postural problems. Learn to lengthen your spine, correct your posture and stand up strong and tall. Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew will lead you through a stretching, strengthening and streamlining workout that activates the mind and the body towards optimal back care. Requires: Exercise Mat, Foam Cushion or pillow. Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 38mins

DISK 2: The Secret to a Strong Back
This strengthening and stabilizing workout will help to give you a strong back and lean body; toning the arms and legs. Includes one main Matwork routine, and a bonus Stability Ball workout. Requires: Exercise Mat and Stability Ball. Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 36mins.