STOTT PILATES - Pre/Post -Natal DVD - Three-Pack

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DISK 1: PRENATAL PILATES ON THE MAT: Minimize discomfort and increase strength during pregnancy with the Prenatal Pilates on the Mat workout! The versatility of Pilates makes it a great and effective workout during pregnancy. Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair will help you maintain strong abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles to assist in a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. This workout will help keep you strong and your energy levels high, while enhancing your muscle tone and maintaining a healthy body weight. Features 30 Exercises. Requires: Exercise Mat. Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 32mins.

DISK 2: PRENATAL PILATES ON THE BALL: Enjoy this unique and effective routine that prepares your mind and body for motherhood. STOTT PILATES® exercise is the key to a feel-good pregnancy and helps prepare your mind and body for motherhood. Learn exercises and tips from PJ O’Clair on how to support your changing body and build upper body strength using the versatile Stability Ball™ and Flex-Band® so you look and feel your fittest. Features 17 Exercises. Requires: Stability Ball™ and Flex-Band® exerciser (X-Band). Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 30mins.

DISK 3: POST-NATAL PILATES: Take some time for yourself with this energizing full-body workout! This post-natal routine is specifically designed to be gentle on your abdominals while reactivating and strengthening the deep pelvic floor muscles. By following the PJ O'Clair's cues you will reach your fitness goals in no time! Feel stronger and rejuvenated while preparing your mind and body for the daily challenges of Motherhood. Features 21 Exercises. Requires: Exercise Mat and Toning Balls™. Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 36mins.