STOTT PILATES - Pilates on the Stability Ball DVD - Two-Pack

£18.50 inc. VAT

DISK 1: Dynamic Balance

This intense intermediate-level workout helps to develop back strength and ab muscles. This is an intensely satisfying workout that simulates some basic moves often performed on a Reformer. Activate your abs, challenge your balance, stretch your spine – and have a ball doing it. Master Instructor Trainers Moira Merrithew and PJ O’Clair motivate you through an invigorating mind-body workout that focuses on flexibility, coordination and good posture – the building blocks to functional fitness. Requires: Stability Ball and Exercise Mat. Difficulty Level 3 (of 5). Workout Duration 40mins.

DISK 2: 3-D Balance

If you’ve mastered the intermediate STOTT PILATES exercises on the Stability Ball™, you’re ready to pick up the pace with 3D Balance. Internationally acclaimed Master Instructor Trainers, Moira Merrithew and PJ O’Clair, coach you through an intense workout using the Stability Ball to gain muscular control, flexibility and alignment. Requires: Stability Ball and Exercise Mat. Difficulty Level 4 (of 5). Workout Duration 41mins.