STOTT PILATES- Mini Stability Ball Power Pack

£28.20 inc. VAT
Exclusive to Physical Company

Mini Stability Ball™ Power Pack (English/French) includes 1 each: Mini Stability Ball, Mini Stability Ball Workout DVD and bonus Easy Start poster.

Discover a unique series of exercises performed with this lightweight and portable mini ball. Includes: 1 Mini Stability Ball (with blow up straw and lug), Mini Stability Ball Workout DVD and Bonus Easy Start Poster. Achieve a full-body workout with a major focus on core stability and back strength mobility. Improve posture and lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Tone your arms, legs, buns and thighs using the Mini Stability Ball. Before starting any rigorous exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your physician for a complete check-up. Be sure to follow all enclosed instructions carefully for proper use of the equipment.