STOTT PILATES for Beginners Workout Kit

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Pilates for Beginners Workout Kit (English/French) includes 1 each: Pilates & Yoga Mat and Aluminum Water Bottle, both in Breathe pattern, regular-strength (green) Flex-Band, and 2 DVDs: Basic Pilates 2nd edition, Total Body Sculpting

Includes all the essential Pilates components to start down the road of healthier living. A great way for beginners of all ages to learn and enjoy the basics of STOTT PILATES®. Includes: 1 Pilates & Yoga Mat - Inspiration, 1 Regular-Strength Flex-Band® Exerciser, Basic Pilates 2nd Ed. DVD, Total Body Sculpting DVD and 1 Water Bottle, Aluminum - Inspiration. Everything needed to create the ideal At Home fitness program. The two full-length, easy-to-follow workouts are gentle on the joints and calming to the mind. Before starting any rigorous exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your physician for a complete check-up. Be sure to follow all enclosed instructions carefully for proper use of the equipment.