STOTT PILATES - Express Series DVD - Three-Pack

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DISK 1: BASIC PILATES, 2nd Ed.: Kick start your way to flat abs and fit arms and legs! Develop a body that looks and feels great! Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES® to gain proper positioning and maximum benefit from your workouts. This routine focuses on developing core strength and flexibility. All you need is a Pilates Mat and the desire to create flat abs, a strong back and sculpted arms and legs. Requires: Exercise Mat. Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 30mins.

DISK 2: SUNRISE WORKOUT: Let Master Instructor Trainer, Moira Merrithew show you how to build core strength and tighten your abs. Moira offers you an intensive array of Matwork exercises based on her contemporary approach to Pilates. Balancing upper and lower body exercises, this fast-paced routine will help you achieve optimal strength, stability and stamina without building bulk. An intermediate workout for those who have mastered the fundamentals of Pilates Matwork exercises. Requires: Exercise Mat. Difficulty Level 1 (of 5). Workout Duration 22mins.
DISK 3: REVIVE WORKOUT: Let this beginner Mat workout help you tone your deep abdominal and back muscles. Find the flatter, firmer abs you’ve been looking for while strengthening the mind-body connection from the inside out. Moira takes you through a revitalizing sequence that will leave you feeling strong, stretched and streamlined to the core. A moderately-paced workout suitable for beginners. Also, provides fresh programming ideas for fitness instructors. Requires: Exercise Mat. Difficulty Level 2 (of 5). Workout Duration 22mins.