Seca287 Ultrasonic Measuring Station

£1,922.40 inc. VAT
New product

The seca 287 has been designed down to the last detail. Using high accuracy ultrasonic sensor technology this apparatus can measures your weight, height and BMI accurately within seconds. Utilising unrivalled digital evaluation algorithms it ensures the highest measurement accuracy.

Accomidating patients of all sizes with a fully automated measurement through optical voice guidance.

Despite the advancements in measurement technology, it has been designed to be user friendly for added convenience.

Features include:

 - Measuring range 60-210cm

- Capacity of 300kg

-Includes an informational poster which explains the step-by-step process


Further Description: 

Dimensions - w 434mm  x h 270mm x w 466mm

Warranty - 2 years

Weight 16.5kg