Precor EFX885 Eliptical Fitness Crosstrainer -Experience Series

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£10,396.80 inc. VAT
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-Easy to clean and maintain combining Precor’s trusted reputation for reliability with its drive for innovation

-Includes Precor's Converging CrossRamp technology, adjustable between 10 to 35 degrees

-Compatible with the advanced 880 Line Touchscreen which offers a truly unique experience

Experience Series Explained

With a choice of three console options, including the engaging and intuitive 880Line touchscreen, the Experience Series cardio line gives operators the proven, reliable performance that they count on. Each piece delivers the personalised exercise experience and entertainment choices that their member’s seek.


Give your members the ability to get more from every workout. The Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer combines Precor’s  trusted reputation for reliability with its drive for innovation, matched with its dedication for offering exercisers the most personal workout experience.

Boasting the most advanced exercise technology in the industry, the EFX885 includes Adjustable CrossRamp technology which sees the stride ramp incline from 10 to 35 degrees while simultaneously matching the exercisers stride path allowing their footpath to converge naturally. This offers the exerciser the opportunity to target different muscle groups and work out longer, resulting in a greater workout variety and specific cardio training.

Includes movable handles for full a total body workout.

It's rear drive housing provides protection for the components.

Further Description: 

Dimensions -l 2030mm x w 810mm x h 1730mm

Weight - 158kg

Warranty - (Frame) 7 years, (Parts), 2 years (Labour) 1 year