Physical Kettlbell Rack Club Pack (Inc 10 PU Kettlebells)

I’m sorry, this product is no longer available.

A must have for any gym, studio or fitness enthusiast that stocks Kettlebells.

Our Kettlebell Rack Club Package has been designed with our popular PU Kettlebells together with our oval tube design Kettlebell Rack. The Rubber coated shelves help minimise the noise of Kettlebells being placed and picked up while offering extra protection for the Kettlebell.

Each Kettlebell Rack incorporates our new oval tube design and is finished with our durable Carbon Silver paintwork. Each Club Pack is complete with a set of 10 Kettlebells plus the rack at a combined saving of 10%. Set consists of 1 x 4kg, 1 x 6kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg.

Holds a maximum of 12 kettbells (depending on size).

Rack colour is Carbon Silver

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Warranty - 1 year