Physical Company to Launch Online Learning Solution

Posted on: 30/10/2012 In Category N/A Physical Company to Launch Online Learning Solution

The platform, called Physical EX:CEL, will deliver REPs accredited foundation training and the most up-to-date CPD programming to get the most from a new equipment purchase without the added cost and organisational complications related to live training courses.

All training will be interactive and online, with theory content, video uploads and multiple choice worksheets. When new equipment is purchased all the appropriate training modules will become available via your private online account. As each module is completed the next module becomes available, thus progressing through the training at the student’s own pace. As well as multiple choice worksheets for the theory modules, practical components of the certification will be evaluated based on uploaded video footage showing the student delivering the training.

Initially the Physical EX:CEL group exercise packages will be available for BOSU®, The Human Trainer, freeFORM, kettlebells and medicine balls. New modules will be added on a regular basis for all equipment to keep programming fresh, both for the fitness professional and customer. If you invest in Physical EX:CEL the applicable training modules and new programmes for further equipment purchases will be added to your account so all online learning is stored on one easily accessible platform.

For facility operators, Physical Company’s all-in-one approach offers a simple solution to train instructors without having to invest in costly live training, with all the transport and accommodation requirements. For individual trainers and instructors, the platform creates a learning hub to continually update their skills and maximise their earning potential. Everyone learning with Physical EX:CEL will have the opportunity to master new equipment at their own pace, update programming and maximise ROI for years to come.