Physical Company Distributor of Kamagon Ball in UK

Posted on: 03/04/2013 In Category Kamagon Physical Company Distributor of Kamagon Ball in UK

The Kamagon Ball is an over-sized rubber medicine ball with two handles that can be filled with water to create variable, shifting loads. The ball uses Hydro-Inertia™ technology to recruit more muscle fibres than when performing the same exercise with a static weight, and brings the benefits of unstable training to kettlebell and medicine ball exercises. The inertial forces produced by the fluid motion within the ball cause increased engagement of stabiliser muscles and proprioceptive awareness.

As with other types of instability training, which are normally performed on unstable platforms, training with the Kamagon Ball is effective at preventing injury, strengthening connective tissue as the muscles stabilise each movement. Injury prevention, agility and coordination benefits of unstable training are combined with the explosive power, speed and other advantages of training with static weights, such as kettlebells.

“This is an exciting new product that can boost the effectiveness of a med ball or kettlebell style workout,” says John Halls, Sales and Marketing Director at Physical Company. “It is a great addition to our comprehensive catalogue of innovative, functional training products and it’s already getting a lot of interest from PTs, small studios and large chains.”

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