Pack of 53 Pair Neo Hex Dumbbells Bundle

£240.00 inc. VAT
New product

Reconditioned Neo-Hex Dumbbells bundle pack. 53 pairs of hexagon shaped Neo Hex Studio Dumbbells weights. These studio hand weights are slightly scuffed however, are still in good condition to use.

All Neo-Hex Dumbbells are neoprene coated with ergonomic handles.

Pack contains –

-          17 pairs of 1kg Neo-Hex Dumbbells

-          14 pairs of 1.5kg Neo -Hex Dumbbells

-          1 pair of 2kg Neo-Hex Dumbbells

-          16 pairs of 2.5kg Neo-Hex Dumbbells

-          5 pairs of 9kg Neo- Hex Dumbbells



Further Description: 

Please note – Image is a representation of all sizes of Neo Hex Dumbbells and not the sole bundle.