New Expert Training Series - Battling Ropes

Posted on: 08/04/2013 In Category Battle Ropes New Expert Training Series - Battling Ropes

This workout integrates Battling ropes and the Kamagon ball in a high intensity interval training system. The Kamagon ball is a water filled ball with handles that can be used to create whole body, functional exercises and will challenge your core stabilizers more thanks to the instability the water creates. The PHA protocol it's based on focuses on upper body exercise, followed by lower body exercise in a circuit style workout. This creates a huge impact on your circulation as the upper body exercises force all the blood and oxygen in to your arms, just as you have to start your lower body circuit. Then when you finish your lower body circuit and all that blood and oxygen is down in your legs, you have to get back on the upper body circuit. This action makes your heart and lungs work harder and will make you more efficient at taking in, transporting and burning oxygen. This is an awesome general fitness programme and will burn fat faster than most other training as well as improve your strength and stamina. By the end of the programme your whole body should feel exhausted.

You can watch the full HIIT Cardio video here:

The accompanying exercise guide for this video is available to download here: Battling Ropes HIIT Cardio

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