New Bells & Balls

Posted on: 28/01/2014 In Category Strength New Bells & Balls

The Wall Ball is larger than average medicine ball, just as tough, but slightly softer, making it excellent for throwing and catching. It's also great for adding a challenge to squats and lunges, creating an exciting ab workout, and of course, the famous CrossFit "Karen" wall ball exercise!  Available in 10 sizes from 1kg-10kg.

Meanwhile SandBells and SteelBells are cross between a sandbag, kettlebell, medicine bell and dumbbell.  The active movement of the sand or steel shot adds a challenge to any exercise, building strength, working the core and increasing stamina.  SandBells are available in 12 sizes from 2Ibs to 50Ibs, while SteelBells are available in 10 sizes from 5Ibs to 100Ibs.