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Compact, stylish and sturdy, this redesigned and enhanced Kettlebell Rack has two tiers of flat shelving for a clean, easy reach. Constructed from 3mm thick steel it can store a maximum of 12 kettlebells dependant on size.

With a layer of rubber to cover the shelf surfaces to prevent kettlebell damage and reduce noise when being lifting and placed on the rack.

Finished in a durable gloss powder coating, which reduces the likelihood of scuffs and marks. Its contemporary style will improve the appearance of your facility.

Features include:

- Can be purchased empty or complete with sets of PU, Competition or Vinyl Kettlebells

- Kettlebells not included

- Incorporates our unique oval tube design and finished with durable metallic paintwork

Further Description: 

Warranty - 2 years

Weight - 46kg

Dimensions - l 1240mm x h 670mm x w 780mm