Kettlebell Rack - 8 Competiton Kettlebells

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Includes Rack and 8 Competition Kettlbells

Compact, stylish and sturdy Kettlebell rack allows you to store your kettlebells safely and securely.

Sets includes:

- Made from steel with a polished 32mm smoothed handle

- Weights include: 8kg, 12kg, 2 pair 16kg, 2 pair x 20kg, 24kg, 28kg

- All Competition Kettlebells are the same size to help user progress in weight without adjusting to different sized handles. (Colour coded for easy identification). 

This Kettlebell rack has been designed to store a maximum of 12 kettlebells (dependent on size). Two tiers rubber covered to prevent kettlebell damage and reduce noise when loading and unloading.

Rack Features include:

- Reinforced and fully welded 3mm steel tubing

- Enhanced baseplate with rubber feet for increased sturdiness

- Finished in a gloss powder to reduce the likelihood of scuffs and marks

Further Description: 

Warranty- Rack & Competition Kettlebells - 2 years

Dimensions- l 1240 mm x h 670mm x d 780mm