IFS 2016 Round Up

Posted on: 23/03/2016 In Category N/A IFS 2016 Round Up

Physical Company returned to the International Fitness Showcase for the first time in three years with their new innovative gym floor training series – APEX.

Over 4,000 people involved within the fitness industry visited the Winter Gardens in Blackpool for IFS 2016 which ran over the weekend of the 18th March.

APEX sesssion were run over the three days with those who took part coming to grips with three high-intense workouts. 

We kicked off the Friday with APEX CORE, an advanced approach to core training that develops trunk stability, strengthens and protects the spine, with over 50 particpants. 

Next up were APEX AGILITY an athletic, performance orientated work out and APEX IGNITE, a total body session designed to get you leaner, fitter and faster.

Further demonstration at IFS 2016 included BOSU® on the Minute, a highly intense training methodology designed to test a person’s fitness against a recurring 60 second timer. It features five 10 minute complexes using the BOSU Balance trainer and the BOSU Ballast Ball.

Physical Company also ran 'Triplex Untamed' a skill-based session designed to enhance people’s strength, balance and athleticism using three pieces of inovative functional training equipment including RMT™ Club, The SURGE™ and the highly versatile freeFORM board.

Clash of the Titans was also a favourite amongst attendees. It challenges athletic ability using both the Titan Bag and Parallettes combining static holds and linked movements to improve speed, strength, power, posture and more.

Away from the high-intense workouts people took advantage of a session called BOSU Equilibrium which uses a wide range of Yoga and Pilates inspired poses to improve balance, flexibility and stabilising strength.

With the event season in full swing, APEX and Physical Company will be soon heading to FIBO this April - so if you missed out at IFS, make sure you hop on a plane and experience Physical Company and APEX in Cologne.