Our wellness range includes top fitness kit from Supaflex, Bodyblade, Therapy Essentials, Trigger Point Therapy, POLAR, Cardio Sport, Seca, Tanita, Ledragomma and BOSU.

Included in this category are heart rate monitors, body fat and fitness assessment tools, massage tables, muscle stimulating products and equipment for special populations. We stock high quality, hard-wearing, affordable kit for home and commercial use.

Our Physical Company range includes speed ropes, skipping ropes and stability balls for yoga, Pilates, aerobics and circuits in a variety of sizes and colours including purple, blue, red and black.

The Supaflex range consists of brightly coloured, lightweight, affordable resistance bands, resistance loops and accessories for adding strength training elements to exercise. We also stock Supaflex putty for hand, finger, and wrist exercises to help improve mobility.

POLAR is our range of hard-wearing heart rate monitors and sports watches to help users achieve their training targets whether, running, cycling, swimming, playing sports or engaging in fitness activities. Lightweight transmitter belts are also available from POLAR and Cardio Sport.

The Trigger Point Therapy range includes affordable and sturdy foam rollers, massage balls and cold rollers for sports massages and muscle stimulation. For balance training, we stock the BOSU® Balance Trainer, perfect for sports conditioning, agility, strength and flexibility training.

The Ledragomma range consists of affordable prickle balls, sitting aids, massage rollers, therapy balls, pon pon hoppers and stability balls, which are available in different sizes and are ideal for core stability training.

We stock a range of portable scales and weight assessment tools from Seca and Tanita including column scales, body fat and body water scales, body composition monitors, BMI calculators and stadiometers for home and commercial use.

We offer hard-wearing Bodyblades with lightweight storage bag options in a range of different sizes for conditioning exercises.