HD Performance Clips Level 2 (48")

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- HD Performance Clips are the nucleus of all HD Range accessories

- Multiple resistance levels available

- Flexible resistance tubes create additional resistance during almost every movement allowing for more challenging training drills

Whether you're training for a specific sport or looking to improve your overall fitness, Performance Clips offer you the opportunity to complete a vast amount of exercises and targeted movements to work individual muscles or large muscles groups.

Available in multiple resistances, and over two lengths with safety karabiner clips on each end, HD Performance Clips are the principal piece of all accessories. 

Features include

-lightweight and encased in a strong protective nylon sheath with resistance varying from 50 to 150lbs

-Ranges from lightweight (Level1), to advanced (Level4)

-Incorporates karabiner clips for safety on each end


Further Description: 

Warranty - 1 year

Colour  - Grey and Yellow

48'' Performance Clip with 72'' Clip Available