freeFORM Board with Complete Body Workout DVD

£216.06 inc. VAT
Exclusive to Physical Company

The freeFORM Board comes complete with Foam Knee Pad, freeFORM Dock and Complete Body Workouts DVD. Dimensions - w 340mm x h 80mm x d 340mm. Weight 5kg.

freeFORM Board is a great addition to any personal trainer’s, group fitness instructor  or fitness enthusiasts toolbox.

From simple, linear, isolation exercises to whole body integratedfunctional training, the freeFORM Board delivers better results in less time and in a novel and joyable manner.

Existing freeFORM users often describe freeFORM as the most popular piece of equipment in their gym. freeFORM exercises are easy to progress and regress and the applications are so diverse that PT clients can have a new experience every day. freeFORM is most notably a great tool for 360° core conditioning and also offers equally effective upper and lower limb exercises that challenge the body in a whole new way.

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Warranty - (Main Board) 5 years, (wheels, Dock and Knee Pad) 1 Year.