Forge Classic 2m Base with wing

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£4,799.99 inc. VAT
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The perfect foundation upon which to create your ideal classic functional rig. This Forge Classic with built on wing is excellent for suspensions training and callisthenic exercises. And offers the opportunity to be extended further by adding accessories including: Dip Station, Plyo Jumps, Target, Loop Attachments and many more.

Rig can be equipped with cable pulley system that allows users to workout isolated muscle groups.

The Forge Classic comes with integrated in-built storage for loose fitness kit and monkey bars along the middle of the frame

Features include:

- Available in 2m and 3m base

- Monkey Bars included on all classic rigs

-Sturdy frame

Full commercial warranty available.  Lifetime on main frame (excluding surface finish). 2 years on all moving parts (bearing, pulleys, etc.). 1 year on cables, handles and spring loaded pins. 3 months manufacturer's warranty on upholstery.

Further Description: 

Installation available

Range of colour options available on all rigs and stations.  For more information, call 01494 769 222.