Final ETS Kettlebell Video Now Online

Posted on: 06/03/2013 In Category Kettlebells Final ETS Kettlebell Video Now Online

The third programme in our Winter Training Series is all about using a Kettlebell to build strength.  To increase the strength of your clients your focus should be on quality and intensity over time under tension or volume. Incorporating all three planes of movement is key when creating functional training programmes. By combining whole body Kettlebell exercises with different step patterns we can load the body in different ways and develop truly functional strength that transfers to all activities. Clients will use a heavier weight for this programme compared to the Fat loss and Toning programmes we released. If a client can use an 8 kg Kettlebell for the Fat Loss routine then they should start this programme with a 12kg Kettlebell (50% heavier). Using a bigger weight will activate more muscle, shock the nervous system and increase their metabolism. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds on left side, take a 60 second rest, and then perform the same exercise on the right side for 30 seconds. Perform 2 sets left and right. You will be performing a total of four sets per exercise. 

You can watch the full Strength video here:


The accompanying exercise guide for this video will be available shortly.

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