FIBO 2015 - See you there!

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Physical Company has been fine tuning it's product range ready for this April's FIBO 2015.

This includes recently launching a number of products that can be used by instructors to challenge and refresh studio workouts for both individuals and in group circuits. Continuing its leadership as a distributor for some of the industry’s most innovative and enticing kit, Physical Company supports studios with training and education to ensure every trainer makes the most of their studio kit.

Comment from John Halls, sales and marketing director, Physical Company

“Recent developments in studio kit have seen some great new products such as the RMT Clubs but also clever enhancements to long-standing favourites, such as the BOSU Elite,” says John Halls, sales and marketing director, Physical Company. “We strive to be at the forefront of the new products and developments and are quick to bring the best new kit to the UK,” he says. “We thoroughly test all new products before listing it and support our customers with training and education programmes to ensure they get the most out of each piece of equipment. There’s nothing worse than kit that gathers dust in the studio corner: I’m confident none of the things Physical Company recommends lies idle.”


Brand new to the UK is the weighted RMT® Club which uses the principles of Rotational Movement Training to improve power, range of movement, strength, coordination, balance and athleticism. The clubs have a rubber handle for a safe, secure grip and soft, flexible heads made from ultra-durable materials that will withstand being slammed against padded surfaces and gym floors. An internal shifting weight also provides dynamic resistance as well as ‘audible feedback’ which allows fitness professionals to identify weaknesses and imbalances and work with their clients to strengthen non-dominant areas. They RMT Club comes in four sizes – 1kg, 1.8kg, 3kg and 3.6kg. They are supplied with a training DVD comprising 21 functional moves, a 40-minute workout and an exercise wall chart so trainers and clients can hit the ground running.

Physical Company has launched its own Competition Range comprising Pro Olympic Bars, PU Bumper Plates and Competition Kettlebells.

The Pro Olympic Bars have 28mm grips and are made with a durable, brushed steel finish. Each bar comes with precision bearings for a smoother rotation and safe use with the PU Bumper Plates. Each end is fitted with a blue, high visibility cap and is available in lengths of 5ft (16kg), 6ft (18kg) and 7ft (20kg) with a maximum loading of 680kg for clients looking to lift larger weights. A 10kg EZ Curl Bar completes the range, also benefiting from the same premium grade precision bearings.

 The PU Bumper Plates are designed to stand up to the toughest lifting environments. The plates feature solid colour coded non-scratch PU for increased durability so will not distort through Olympic lifting movements or damage lifting platforms. The reinforced steel centre provides a smooth finish allowing the weights to be easily loaded onto an Olympic Bar. Colour coded by weight in sizes from 5kg to 25kg.

 The steel Competition Kettlebells have 35 mm diameter handles and bell dimensions which meet the criteria for use in competitions.   Each kettlebell is uniform in size and shape and has a large base which provides greater stability, allowing clients to perform exercises in a safe and efficient way. They are colour coded by weight in sizes from 8kg to 32kg.


The SandRopeÔis a neoprene battling rope containing shifting sand which challenges users’ stability and coordination and offers a highly effective and versatile option for health clubs and fitness studios. Battling ropes remain popular but the SandRope has some distinct advantages: at three metres long, it’s easier to set out in the studio; it doesn’t need to be attached to an anchor point; its 50mm diameter makes it easy to grip; it doesn’t shed fibres like a rope and its shifting weight provides an additional core-stability challenge. The SandRope is available in 15lbs and 30lbs weights – with the 15lb one being comparable to using a 15 metre battling rope.


The SURGE™ takes dynamic fluid resistance training to a new level. This hand held, water-filled exercise tube is designed to improve balance, stability, coordination, muscle movement, postural control and movement efficiency. The weight can be easily adjusted by adding more water with a range from 4.5kg to 30kg. Dual vertical and horizontal handles allow hundreds of different movements to be performed.  As the SURGE is moved, the mass of the water shifts and eventually ‘crashes’ from one end to the other providing a challenge to the user who must control the shifting resistance while performing exercises such as squats, lunges, step ups and rows.

BOSU Elite

BOSU Elite is the latest adaptation of this studio favourite. Its modified design has a much firmer dome than the original BOSU. This helps to spring-load the body for more efficient force transfer as well as intensifying core exercises and its reinforced base enhances exercises performed on the platform side.   The BOSU Elite has defined training zones that allow exercises to be performed more effectively including a ‘Power Line’ across the centre of the dome to provide precise positioning and alignment. There is also a ‘Power Zone’ with a honeycomb grip to ensure feet stay firmly in place and to help align the feet, pelvis and spine correctly.

BOSU Elite is the perfect functional training tool for fitness professionals who are working with athletes to help them improve speed, power, body mechanics and balance. It comes with a training DVD, handbook, pump and wall chart.

We have an awesome lineup for this year's 4 day event in Cologne! Our demo team are ready, so make sure you don't miss out - visit us in Hall 9 and experience the latest Innovative Fitness Equipment.