1. How much do you charge for delivery?
Delivery charges are calulated on the size and weight of your total order. For individual small items such as DVD's or rubber bands £2.40 will be charged. For multiple small items or heavy books £4.20 will be charged. For multiple small items and heavy books weighing under 1kg £6.00 will be charged. For all orders weighing over 1kg you can be charged between £9.60 and £15.60. All orders over £350 will be delivered free of charge.

For the full delivery charge matrix please click here.

2. Can I collect my order directly from your warehouse?
Yes. We have a trade counter where orders can be collected. To save time it will help if your order is phoned in directly with our sales team on 01494 769 222. We will have it ready for you to collect. You are also more than welcome to come along and try before you buy.

3. What are your office / warehouse opening hours?
We are open Monday to Friday 08:30am - 17:30pm. We are closed on bank holidays.

4. Do you provide a delivery and installation service?
Yes. Please contact us directly with regards to installation. The pricing of installation depends on what equipment has to be installed and the location of your facility. Please call us on 01494 769 222.

5. What is the difference between a BOSU Balance Trainer Commercial model and a BOSU Balance Trainer Home model?
Lets start by stating that the dimensions of both models are exactly the same. The commercial model has been designed for Health Clubs and Studios where the BOSU Balance Trainer can expect a high amount of use. Commercial models are designed for 24 hours a day use, whereas the home models are designed for 2 hours a day use.

The blue dome on the commercial model is manufactured from a more durable material than that of the home model. The commercial model also has a metalic blue dome where as the home model has a light blue dome. The commercial model has a grey base with a large single rubber foot underneath the unit to stop it from sliding on studio floors under lateral loads. The home model has a black base with multiple small rubber feet which stop the unit from sliding under lateral loads. If you are a fitness professional in anyway or just demand the highest quality then it is recommended that you go or the commercial model. If you simply want to workout at home and follow the workouts on the DVD provided then the home model will be fine for you.

6. My card details are not being accepted by your website?
You're card details may not be accepted for a number of reasons. Firstly double check that the digits you are typing in are correct. Next you'll want to ensure that the card address we have for you is the address where the card is registered to. Finally if you card is registered with 3D secure then you'll need to enter the correct password, if you do not know this password then you can follow the simple steps on screen to reset your password and continue. If none of these steps work then please call our sales team on 01494 769 222 and they will happily take you through the order process over the phone.