Battling Rope 15 Metre - 38mm

£136.50 inc. VAT

15 Metre Length x 38mm Diameter

Developed to engage all muscle groups and allowing the exerciser a varied workout. This highly versatile workout tool allows you to wave, whip, slam, spiral and throw calling in to action all major muscles groups in the upper body. Ensuring you have a solid base when exercising with the battle ropes will fire up your lower body while requiring core strength, thus maximising the tension on the mid-section too.

Weighing 12kg and 15 metre length with thickness of 38mm, will require and boost strength, endurance and power to handle battle rope.

Features include:

  • Waterproof jacket for outdoor use
  • 15mm long
  • Weighs 8kg
  • 38mm diameter
Further Description: 

Dark Grey

Warranty - 6 months