APEX Programmes - two new programmes added

Posted on: 25/07/2017 In Category N/A APEX Programmes - two new programmes added

We are delighted to announce the extension of our successful and innovative 30-minute gym floor programming APEX with the launch of APEXKids and APEXFusion.

Developed in direct response to request from industry to help clubs engage with youngsters and maximise the growing interest in Yoga and Pilates.

Designed in the format of APEX classes which are half an hour long, making them not only approachable but easily applicable on the gym floor

FUSION: Blending Pilates and Yoga, APEXFusion focuses on flexibility, strength and whole-body balance. Grounded in the traditional principles of both disciplines it utilises innovative training equipment including the BOSU, FreeForm and soft Pilates balls. Ideal for people looking for core strengthening or postural correction.

KIDS: Putting the ‘fun’ back into functional training this highly energetic circuit is designed to get youngsters fit, strong and interested in fitness from an early age. This programme, aimed at youngsters 8+ also introduces them to working with kit including the mini Kamagon ball, agility ladders and BOSU.

These two new sessions bring the Apex range to eight with STRENGTH, IGNITE, AGILITY, CORE, RELEASE and ACTIVE already proving popular.

“We have been very pleased with how well Apex has taken off and the feedback from gyms has been very encouraging,” says John Halls, Physical Company managing director. “We always intended to extend the range and providing an option for children seemed an obvious choice given the emphasis on getting kids active.

“FUSION is in response to the current trend towards people turning to Pilates and Yoga to complement their fitness routine,” he says. “The fusion concept is tried and tested and we think our accessible 30-minute solution will encourage people to try these combined moves to achieve better balance, flexibility and relaxation. It’s a good introduction to Pilates and Yoga and an ideal supplementary session to support people’s sports and fitness regimes.