6 Pair Horizontal Dumbbell Saddle Rack - Tufftech PU Dumbbells

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6 Pair Horizontal Dumbbell Rack with PU Tufftech Dumbbells

One of the most popular racks to have on the gym floor. This heavy-duty 6 pair horizontal dumbbell rack, incorporates our unique oval tube design with 3mm thick steel.

Each dumbbell tray comes equipped with saddles to easily secure each dumbbell when loading and unloading the rack.

Finished in a sleek, gloss powder coating to preserve the aesthetic appeal.

Racks features include:

-Suited to round dumbbells with standard fixed 13cm handles

- Heavy-duty reinforced steel with full welded

-3 rack options available

This rack comes with 6 pairs of our PU Tuffetech Dumbbells.

Sets Include:

- Weights Include: Pair 4kg, Pair 6kg, Pair 8kg, Pair 10kg, Pair 12.5kg, Pair 15kg

- Stylish ends which reduce scuffs and marks on studio or gym floor

- Knurled handles for improved grip

- Raised numbers for easy identification

Further Description: 

Warranty - Rack - 2 years

             - Dumbbells  - 3 Years

Dimensions - l 1400 mm x h 820 mm x w 790 mm